You’ve undoubtedly dealt with your fair share of tantrums, meltdowns, and freakouts if you’re a parent. We all need to learn how to manage our emotions, but some children take longer than others to develop self-control. But how can you tell when your child’s aggressive or violent conduct is out of control rather than merely a stage of their development? What can you do to assist, then?

Ideas to help with an aggressive toddler

Dr. Mudd recommends these strategies for helping your child tame their aggression.

1. Stay calm

She explains that when parents react emotionally to their children’s outbursts, it might make them more aggressive. Instead, work on being your child’s role model for managing emotions.

2. Don’t give in to tantrums or aggressive behavior

Don’t give in and buy your child’s favorite cereal, for instance, if they are throwing a fit at the grocery store. This promotes improper conduct and provides reinforcement.

3. Catch your child being good

Even if your youngster isn’t acting in an unusual way, praise positive conduct. Say, “I really enjoy how you acted during dinner,” if there are no issues. Rewards and treats are not required. Even on their own, praise and acknowledgment have a great impact.

4. Find appropriate rewards

Don’t concentrate on monetary or material objectives. Try substituting prizes like 30 minutes of extra time with your parents, getting to pick the family’s meal, or choosing the movie for movie night.

Source: Times of India

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