While pursuing a certain degree if you fail to pass an exam you have to give a retest till you pass. Well, the same is applicable for life. Life lessons have to be learned again and again until you don’t repeat the same mistake. Learning is a lifelong process. We have started learning new things the day we stepped on this planet. Man has evolved by the process of learning.

“Lessons in life are always repeated until you learn them” is a quote given by Frank Sonnenberg in a movie. In his movie, he portrayed a character where he kept doing the same things again and again and failed every time. We often tend to blame others or the situation for our failures and tend to do the same things that don’t work for us. This is not how life works! You fail, you learn from it and you rise back and succeed. If you are failing at a particular thing, try taking a pause for a while, Take time to think where you must have been going wrong. Then act on weaknesses you surely will succeed in life.

You can identify and evaluate things. We have various experts in this field, talk to a good therapist, Talk to an elderly experienced person. Take and follow his advice.

We all know “Failure is the stepping stone to success”. You learn every time you fail. There are many great examples, Who have failed numerous times but every time learn something new. And made great inventions for mankind.

So keep learning every time you fail.

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