Gold and glitter are two different terms that have often been linked together, but they have their meaning. Gold is a very precious metal which people have valued for years. On the other hand, glitter is just decoration or coating on something. Gold has a high value and can be helpful in tough times, while glitter can glow for a certain period, and after that, it won’t be of any use.

In life, too, one should value their gold rather than look for glitter in the world. This means one should value real and valuable things like people, emotions, etc., rather than looking for glamour.

For example, if a person gifts you a small pen with genuine emotion, you should understand the true feeling and value of someone who gave you a glamorous dress rather than thinking it’s just a pen. One must value the real thing instead of the materialistic.

Also, glitter is something that will fade away with time and use; however, gold is something that will become more valuable with time. In life, one should strive for success only through hard work.

Everything you have and will stay with you is your learnings, experience, and relations; they are considered gold. But, at the same time, glitter is materialistic, coming your way just for a season, and will weather away with time.

Thank you.