Living your life to the fullest is an important thing. And today’s generation wants to live their lives their way. One thinks that everything should change automatically on their own and wait for it. But change doesn’t happen by itself; one must work for it. Wanting change is not wrong, but thinking it to happen alone won’t work. One has to take steps for things they want to change.

“Don’t wait for change, be the change” is a powerful phrase that motivates people to take action and change the world they want to. Waiting for change to happen alone can be frustrating and may drain your energy. But working for change is a courageous move that can help change society to think beyond race, communities, and religion.

Wanting to change the world means coming out of your comfort zone and taking risks. And to do so, firstly, one must recognize the issue; later, one should be willing to do whatever it takes to complete the thing and create a change. While one of the biggest hurdles is that a single person can’t make a change alone, you can pioneer that change.

In conclusion, if you wish for changes in the world. It would be best to work for it rather than expect from others. Once you do, others will too.

Thank you.