A wise person is someone who knows when to speak. It is not necessary to speak all the time, in every situation. There are situations where it’s best we remain silent. And knowing when to speak and when not to, is the real wisdom one can possess. When you feel that your opinions and feelings are being trampled upon, this is the moment to speak up and voice out what you feel. While you do that, it is also important to know what to speak. What we speak is totally under our control and due care must be taken to choose words correctly and wisely when we decide to speak up in a situation. A wise person knows that speaking up is essential when they see someone who is unable to speak for themselves, is being bullied or harassed. Speak up when you see something wrong being done. Staying silent here won’t help. This is a moment you must speak as your words might save and protect them.

At the same time, one must know when to keep silent. When someone is expressing themselves or sharing their story. By staying silent it conveys to them that they are being heard. It is essential to stay silent when you are all riled up and angry at someone. Words spoken in anger may turn out to be unkind and mean and once they are out, you can’t undo them. Therefore, it’s never ideal to blurt things out in anger, instead it is wise to remain silent and speak once you cool down. Even at the workplace, it is wise to remain silent when you know you don’t have any ideas to contribute, instead of saying things that don’t make sense. The unnecessary talk will be pointless. Silence is best to be adopted when you want to stay away from a fool’s argument. Thus, a wise man is the one who knows where to keep quiet and where to speak.

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