Having a crush makes you feel all sorts of silly emotions. When your crush brushes past you, you feel a swarm of butterflies dancing in your stomach or you might feel tingles down your spine. These happy emotions are felt only when you have a crush so why trade it off for not having one?

In the presence of your crush, your nervous cells release a chemical, norepinephrine which stimulates the production of adrenaline and as a result causes your heart to pound, hands to sweat and makes you feel all sorts of funny emotions. You tend to be more excited, talkative and often blurt out embarrassing things when your crush is around because the feel-good chemical, dopamine is also released in your system.

Crushes make you feel alive and help you feel. It improves your imagination. It is good to have a crush when you are trapped in the daily routine of work. Your mood instantly lights up when you see your crush from afar. When you feel romantically towards someone, you are clueless about the feeling the person possess towards you and that alone adds up more thrill.

There is no drama or clinginess involved since you know that nothing is going on with you and your crush. The policy of no expectation follows here and there are zero risks of getting heartbroken.

Just talking to them casually in person or on text makes you happy. The feeling is simple yet beautiful!

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