Gaur Gopal Das is an Electrical Engineer pursuing a degree from College of Engineering, Pune. He is a motivational speaker who has spoken at multiple academic institutes and corporate firms.

He has given talks at various charitable events to raise funds for the cause of educational and rural development. He has also delivered at the United Nations & British Parliament.

Gaur Gopal Das’s inspirational videos are already viral on social platforms and he is known as an online monk.

‘Is Your Future Already Destined?’ is an English podcast by Gaur Gopal Das from ATTITUDE. It encourages you to listen and feel every morning for a delightful and wonderful day.

According to him, destiny is the situations that come to you which are beyond your control. For example, you were destined to be with your parents. It wasn’t your choice.

Situations are destiny because you didn’t choose them, instead they came to you. But your response to the situation is your choice.

He says that response is not destiny. What you choose is your choice and when you choose it that decides your future destiny. That’s why it is often said that man is the maker and responsible for his destiny.

You have a choice to work hard and to cultivate the required attitude. That attitude is not a destiny, it is a choice. It will attract victory towards you and if it doesn’t, you have at least sown the seed of success and one day it will pay you back.

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