Denzel Washington, an Academy Award winner, advised Dillard University graduates to put God first in whatever they do during his commencement speech, saying that everything he has accomplished in life has been by God’s grace.

Denzel says “Put God first in everything you do. Everything that you think you see in me. Everything that I’ve accomplished, everything that you think I have – and I have a few things. Everything that I have is by the grace of God. Understand that. It’s a gift.”

In March 1975 when Denzel was flunking out of college with low grades, he used to spend some of his time sitting at his mother’s beauty salon. He met a lady at the beauty salon who made a prophecy about him, she said, “Boy, you are going to travel the world and speak to millions of people.” Denzel was surprised as he was clueless about his future and she was telling him that he is going to travel the world and speak to millions of people.

Denzel further says, ” Well I have travelled the world. And I have spoken to millions of people, but that’s not the most important thing – the success that I had. The most important thing is what she taught me, and what she told me that day has stayed with me since.

I’ve been protected, I’ve been directed, I’ve been corrected. I’ve kept God in my life and it’s kept me humble. I didn’t always stick with Him but he always stuck with me.

So stick with Him, in everything you do, if you think you want to do, what you think I’ve done, then do what I’ve done. And stick with God.”

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