Electrical engineer Gaur Gopal Das is a student at the College of Engineering in Pune. He is a motivational speaker who has given speeches at numerous corporations and academic institutions. He has spoken at numerous charitable gatherings to collect money for rural and educational development. Additionally, he has spoken before the British Parliament and the United Nations. His motivational films have already gone widespread on social media, and Gaur Gopal Das is regarded as an internet mystic. The English podcast “Is Your Future Already Destined?” is hosted by Gaur Gopal Das of ATTITUDE. It inspires you to listen and feel each morning in order to have a lovely and joyful day.

He defined fate as the uncontrollable circumstances that come your way. You, for instance, were meant to live with your parents. You didn’t decide to do it. Situations are predestined because you were not given a choice; rather, they were presented to you. But you have a preference in how you react to the circumstance. He claims that reaction is not predetermined. Your future will be determined by what you pick and when you choose it. Because of this, it is frequently argued that man is the architect of his own destiny. You have the option to put in a lot of effort and develop the necessary mentality. That mindset is a choice; it is not predetermined. If it doesn’t, you have at least planted the seed of success, which will eventually pay you back. It will draw success your way.

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