Our universe is filled with many stars, planets, meteoroids, and many other terrestrial objects. Many think God created the universe and Earth and all the human beings on earth, according to many scientists about 4 to 5 billion years ago Earth was formed when Sun had a collision. The GTS which is known as Geological Time Scale is defined by the international convention which depicts the large spans of time from the start of the Earth to the present, and its divisions relating to some mind-blowing events of Earth history. When the earth was created there was no oxygen in the atmosphere and most parts of the earth were in a molten state because of the collisions and leading it to many volcanic eruptions. Earth has 4 main layers namely 1. the inner core, 2. the outer core, 3. the mantle,4.  the crust. the inner core is a metallic sphere that has a radius of 1,220 kilometers or we can say 3/4th of the natural satellite of the universe that is the MOON.

It is located nearly 5000 kilometers beneath the surface of the earth. It is very much dense and mostly made of iron and nickel. It is very much hot with a temperature of more than 5000 degrees Celcius. The outer is also made of the same material as the inner core but it is mostly in liquid form. It is 3000 kilometers beneath the surface of the earth. the mantle is about 3000 kilometers thick and is the thickest layer of the earth. It is mostly of iron, magnesium, and silicon and hot and semi-solid.

Talking about the oceans about 3 to 4 billion years ago the water condensed into rain which filled all the basins that are now considered oceans. The ocean formed from the escape of water vapor and other gases from all the molten rocks of the earth, After the earth’s surface had cooled below the boiling point of water rain began to pour and continued to fall for centuries.

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