Your home’s corner is constantly piled up with newspapers waiting to be recycled. So why not use the newspaper that is lying perfectly flat as interior decor? You may create a wide range of DIY items to liven up your home. Here are some incredible suggestions for using old newspapers to decorate and transform your home’s appearance.

Completely cover the wall with newspaper

Make the wallpaper in your room or office out of newspaper. If you have any old but lovely antiques, set them nearby and cover every wall in your room, hallway, or office with newspaper. This inventive DIY offers your space a contemporary and yet vintage feel. Not to mention that it is completely green!

Build nightstands

The nightstands are a piece of furniture that is used casually. Use your creativity to add aesthetic appeal to your nightstand by adding a stack of newspapers. You can either cover the existing makeshift side table with newspaper or pile all the newspapers together to resemble a table. With this simple DIY project, your room looks wonderful.

Wall Art

Many people enjoy wall art that resembles newspapers and frequently purchase it at high prices. Instead, frame the article with your favorite tagline from the newspaper and hang it up. Don’t be afraid to experiment on your wall.

Reflector Frame

By framing your simple mirror with paper rolls, you can transform it into a beautiful piece that will give your space a unique appearance. Allow your imagination to flow!

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