According to research, sexual satisfaction varies with time. It normally rises in the first year and then begins to fall in subsequent years. This is due to people being tired of sexual rituals, but it does not mean that your sex life is over. You can always make it more fascinating and enjoyable. Make out like an adolescent. Channel your adolescent side and kiss, hug, and snuggle your lover like you did when you first met. This will keep your relationship alive. Spending time with your lover and engaging in romantic activities will strengthen your relationship.

Here are 4 sorts of sex that a couple should have in order to bring spice in relation.

1. Unplanned Sex

Spontaneous Sex keeps the couples’ passion alive and adds spice to their relationship.

2. Sex for Stress Relief

According to experts, lovemaking releases endorphins or feel-good hormones, and as a result, when tragedy strikes, it’s better to find solace and deep sensitivity in your partner.

3.. Adventure Sex

Sex that is daring helps to spice up your relationship. It is attempting new positions, engaging in fantasy role-playing, and other activities. You may constantly find new techniques to please each other as long as your spouse is at ease.

4. Planned Sex

Many individuals are skeptical of scheduled sex because they believe it lacks romance. When you and your spouse take time out of your hectic schedule to make love, it demonstrates that sex is important to you and that you are always looking for new ways to spice it up.

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