In today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants to achieve their goals. But in the process, many forget their true nature and try to follow others. However, changing oneself to please others is a destructive decision leading to dissatisfaction and a lack of authenticity. Progressive growth means self-improvement driven by motivations, values, and aspirations.

The decision to change yourself for others will always make you unhappy. When you change yourself for others, you lose your identity, leading to the destruction of yourself. In the changing process, one may compromise their values, respect, beliefs, interests, etc. And in the long term, it will make the person weak, mentally sick, and struggling to face themselves.

In addition, people’s expectations change with time. And every time, they will expect something more from you. When a person tries to fulfill everyone’s demands and do things as they choose, it becomes difficult for them to mold. However, if you try to model yourself to fit their expectations, you lose your true identity and a sense of purpose and individuality.

In conclusion, one must work hard to learn things rather than fitting into everyone’s expectations.