We know, physical fitness depends on many factors such as the calories we burn, the amount of food we intake, or the calorie intake. You don’t need huge machines to calculate your calorie intake and calorie burn; a simple smartphone app can track your everyday routine. A lot of people today are giving attention to fitness. Here are some best apps you can use for tracking your outdoor activities.

1. Oh ranger

This is one of my favorite apps. It will let you do all the adventurous activities that you can perform in a particular location that you select. It includes more than 30 categories of outdoor activities that you can perform.

2. My walk app

This app tracks all your activity like distance, average pace of yous, calorie count. This app supports various fitness wearables that help it analyze data. It also provides you with some suggestions.

3. Nike fitness

This is a fitness app by Nike. It has all the basic activity trackers such as calorie count, distance, average pace, etc. It also has a workout mode, in which you can get to learn different workouts which are free.


This app provides you with different hike routes around your vicinity. This app also provides you with all the necessary information. This app is preferred by bike riders. These apps also have a voice assist feature so that you won’t always have to reach out to your phone.

5. Google street view

It has all the basic activity features and it also has voice assist. It is a trusted app because of its brand google.

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