There are several fashion styles that become popular every year and season, and practically everyone here is spotted wearing them. While some have the potential to go viral, others appear strange and are deemed over-hyped. Certain old ideas make their way into the current fashion trends, and some celebrities are seen turning a style famous. Whatever the circumstance, there are a few fashion trends that we believe are over-hyped.

Read here to find out whether you are trendy enough to spot this overly hyped trend 2022

1. Visible thong

Supermodel Kendal Jenner attracted attention as she came out in all-pink clothes. However the costume was too flamboyant on its own, the exposed thongs attracted everyone’s eyes. Following that, it was worn by a number of celebrities. Transparent thongs, on the other hand, might be unpleasant and inconvenient; therefore they shouldn’t be in your wardrobe.

2. Mini sunglasses

Nearly every single celebrity is seen wearing small sunglasses, leaving us to question why. If you use sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, they aren’t doing their job. These sunglasses have been over-hyped and should be shunned or thrown away.

3. Off the shoulder jackets

For years, we’ve seen celebrities wear their jackets over their shoulders rather than placing their hands in them. However, last year, they went too far and began to hang the coat, resulting in the popularity of off-shoulder coats. So, does the coat fulfill its aim?

4. Tiny handbag

We’re wondering how much we can store in the basic tiny bag, which is around 4 inches wide and comes with a narrow leather strap. This outfit was made popular by a number of social media famous people in 2019 and 2020, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

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