The thought of scooting down a street coated in tomatoes is one that eaters who have a special affinity for the fruit would happily make a dream.

And, thanks to the history of the La Tomatina food festival, it is an annual experience for thousands of individuals in a town in eastern Spain.

La Tomatina is a world-famous yearly Spanish celebration. As the name implies, tomatoes play a large role in this festival, with hundreds of people taking part in a massive tomato-fuelled food war. What’s the point of splattering the area with tens of thousands of pounds of luscious fruit? It’s genuine, pure pleasure.

The Tomatina takes place in the Valencian province of Buñol, which is located in eastern Spain. The Mediterranean Sea is about 30 kilometres away from Buñol. The town has a population of about 9,000 inhabitants. Tons of visitors, on the other hand, flock to the area specifically to take join in the La Tomatina celebrations.

The origins of La Tomatina can be traced all the way back to the 1940s, when the first communal tomato big fight occurred by chance in Buñol. A bunch of teenage individuals allegedly prompted one of the parade’s members’ massive head to drop off, causing the dressed person to grow enraged. The unhappy guy began wreaking mayhem along the caravan route, crashing with a tomato flea market.

As a result of this string of events, onlookers began collecting tomatoes and tossing them at each other, giving birth to La Tomatina.

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