It’s a shame that animated films are dismissed. Some believe they are only for children, while others believe they should not be taken seriously. Animated stories are some of the most moving and well-written in history, and they deserve to be respected.

Here are 9 best animated movies of all time:

1. Despicable Me

Gru, a supervillain who learns his compassionate side after adopting three young girls, is voiced by Steve Carell. This now-mega-franchise spawned a slew of sequels and prequels. This charming computer-animated family film contains more humor and belly laughs than the majority of films.

2. Up

Carl Fredericksen resolves to flee the city after the tragic loss of his wife by strapping his house full of balloons that take off for the unknown areas of South America.However, he brings Russell along, and the two embark on a humorous adventure featuring a talking dog and an evil villain with a connection to Carl’s history.

3. Moana

A musical comedy adventure film about a Polynesian girl who, with the help of a demigod, sets out to save her island from a blight. The plot is rather standard, but the audiovisual splendour is enthralling.

4. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book was released 10 months after Walt Disney’s death (it was his final picture), and it adapted Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 novel with wonderful characters and appealing music.

5. How to Train Your Dragon trilogy

In DreamWorks’ epic of Vikings, dragon battle, and a youngster and his loving pet, the link between human and animal is explored with heart-warming effectiveness. Over the course of the show’s existence, the quality control has been outstanding.

6. Monsters Inc.

Pixar’s fourth film was a major hit thanks to hilarious, melancholy storytelling, breakthroughs in animation especially the complexity of hair and other materials and the vocal talents of Billy Crystal and John Goodman.


WALL-E is an incredible story since it has very little conversation. That’s not something you’ll see in a lot of children’s movies. Instead, it concentrates on visual storytelling and covers all bases in order to convey a compelling story.

8. Aladdin

Aladdin’s Genie, a clown who could transform and mould himself to suit Robin Williams’ singular rapid-fire humour and creativity, is one of the most creative concepts in animation history. This is the funniest Disney film ever made, and a tribute to Williams’ brilliance.

9. The Lion King

There’s a reason why The Lion King is revered so much. Because it is wonderfully animated, offers a fantastic tale, and hits all the emotional notes you desire from a picture like this, the 1994 film ranks as an all-time masterpiece.

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