Do you want to work in a rapidly changing and expanding industry? Do you want to experience some interpersonal development? Then retail jobs will be of interest to you.

Here are 7 retail jobs that can pay you well

1. Hairdresser

Hair stylists typically operate in a salon and provide hair care services such as shampooing and blow drying, as well as cutting, colouring, and style. Hairstylists are typically required to earn a professional license and work somewhat flexible hours on a shift basis.

2. CSM (Customer service supervisor)

A customer service supervisor leads a team of customer service representatives to ensure that they are achieving company expectations and providing a quality experience. Typically, they are in charge of hiring and training new customer service representatives.

3. Consultant in Sales

A sales consultant’s role is to seek out and approach clients in order to assess their needs and offer appropriate services or products to meet those needs. Your goal, like any other sales position, will be to produce sales and complete payment transactions. To succeed in this position, you must be well-spoken and educated about the products you are marketing to your customers.

4. Become a Buyer

Becoming a buyer is also one of the most sought-after retail jobs nowadays. Buyers, sometimes known as purchasing agents, conduct research, negotiate, and purchase items. Later on, they’ll have to resell to customers at the wholesale or retail levels. As a buyer, you’ll need to be skilled at haggling in order to receive the greatest deal. Your interpersonal skills and ability to establish ties with suppliers will be advantageous.

5. Manager of Franchises

Franchise managers are well-paying retail positions. Their responsibilities include arranging and planning a franchise’s sector in accordance with the corporate’s designated operating techniques. It can take the form of advertising slogans, business methods, or products. Experience in leadership, marketing, and management positions will assist you in performing successfully on the job.

6. Technician in a Pharmacy

Pharmacy technicians assist patients in getting their medications. They often have account management and client service functions in addition to prescribing medicine under the supervision of the physician.

7. Manager of the Store

Your role as a store manager is to oversee the operations of a single location. Typically, you’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks, such as hiring, training, and supervising staff, managing budgets, keeping records, and overseeing all key activities.

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