Flowers are regarded as “Holy and Exceptional” since they are used in religious ceremonies. They are used as decorations for a variety of ceremonies, including adorning young couples. In Pakistan, there are many various types of flowers, and we frequently see diverse types of flowers around us.

Here are 8 best flowers from Pakistan you would want outside your window.

1. Lilly

Lilly is flowering plants with a significant number of wings and brightly coloured petals. They belong to the Liliaceae family. Tiger lotus, Easter lily, Siberian lilies, and other types of lilies are popular in Pakistan. It comes in a variety of colours, such as yellow, purple, red, and white.

2. Tulips

Tulips are Liliaceae family plants that come in a variety of colours. They’re also recognised for having a lovely scent. Tulips blossom in the springtime in Pakistan and can be seen in a variety of locations.

3. Rose

A flowering plant belonging to the Rosaceae family is known as a rose. This flower has a lovely aroma and comes in a variety of colours, such as white, pink, yellow, and red. Wild roses, damask roses, tea roses, and other rose varieties can all be found in Pakistan.

4. Orchids

Orchids are members of the Orchidaceae family of plants. They are well-known for their numerous colours. Slipper orchids, boat orchids, lady slipper orchids, and other orchids occur in a variety of forms, textures, and types. Orchids of different kinds may be found in the Kharan (Kohistan) and Murree hills (Rawalpindi).

5. Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a blooming plant that belongs to the Malvaceae family. The stunning, big, and multicoloured blossoms of these plants are well-known. Chinese hibiscus, Arabian jute, and other species of hibiscus can be found in Pakistan. Hibiscus is Bangladesh’s national flower.

6. Black Eyed Susan

The western Himalayas are home to the black-eyed Susan. It is easily recognised by its yellow blooms with dark brown centres, as well as its alternating, grass-like leaflets. It also looks like a sunflower

7. Heliotrope

Purple or white blossoms with a nice perfume distinguish this blossom, while the plant’s leaflets are simple and elegant and develop opposite one another on the stem. This plant is mostly used in the production of perfumery.

8. Delphinium

The blossoms of this plant are well-known for their medicinal value. The root of this plant is utilised in medicine, however the rest of the flower is harmful. The majority of delphinium plants are located in South Asia, particularly Pakistan.

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