Nana Patekar has had some amazing performances throughout his journey. As a result, below is a list of his top five Bollywood film dialogues that can be true source of inspiration.

1. “Kutte ki tarah jeene ki aadat padhi hai sabko” – Krantiveer

The film had a brilliant plot about revenge, hatred, prejudice, and love, but it was most notable for Nana Patekar’s incredible performance combating societal issues

2. “Giro saalo giro, lekin giro toh us jharne ki tarah; joh parbat ki oonchai se girke bhi apni sundarta khone nahi deta; zameen ke teh se milke bhi apni astitva ko narth nahi hone deta” – Yeshwant

It revolves around Nana Patekar’s character, an orphan since infancy, who becomes an undercover Narcotics cop. He is a principled individual who fights for the truth and against wrongdoing.

3. “ Upar wala bhi upar se dekhta hoga to use sharam aati hogi, sochta hoga maine sabse khoobusrat cheez banayi thi, insaan, nice dekha toh sab keede ban gaye keede!” –Krantiveer

This sentence expresses the god’s displeasure with our senseless behaviour. This dialogues makes us want to do something better for the world. Nana sahib has his way of convincing us by delivering such iconic dialogues fluently.

4. “Yeh dukh naam ki bimari ka ilaaj kisi doctor ke paas bhi nahi … iska ilaaj khud dhoondna padta hai … dukh ko bhoolna parta hai” – Parinda

If you observe movies through the eyes of a filmmaker, this film is nothing short of a classic. He tells us here that we must solve our problems on our own and not rely on others for assistance. He wants us to be tough and self-sufficient because the world isn’t always kind to us.

5. ”Dhande mein koi kisika bhai nahi, koi kisika beta nahi” – Parinda

He teaches us in this film that we are on our own, and that when you work in a business firm, no one is your family or a close friend and that you must treat them like one of your employees.

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