Northeast India is made up of seven states known as the “Seven Sisters of India” and is noted for its mesmerizing beauty. The lovely Seven Sisters of India are found in Northeast India’s easternmost region. These seven sister states are ideal for nature lovers looking to discover unspoiled beauty.

1. Meghalaya

Meghalaya, often known as the “Land of Clouds,” is one of the most beautiful states in North-East India, with a wide range of sights, activities, food, and festivals to offer visitors. Meghalaya can enchant you with its hills, valleys, lakes, caves, and waterfalls, which when blended with the absolutely gorgeous clouds give it a very peaceful, unique beauty. It is well known for Cherapunjji, the place that receives one of the highest amounts of rainfall in the world.

2. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a fantastic holiday location, with stunning mountains, unknown passes, quiet lakes, and well-known monasteries. If you want to learn about tribal culture and marvel at its amazing beauty, Arunachal Pradesh is the place to go. The picturesque state that is part of the Seven Sisters of India has an astonishing assortment of flora and animals in a unique ecosystem with glaciers, high-altitude meadows, and sub-tropical forests.

3. Nagaland

Nagaland dubbed the “Land of Festivals,” is a charming state in India’s northeast and one of the country’s most popular hill station tourism attractions. Nagaland is as much about beautiful scenery as it is about meticulously kept history and custom, and a trip to this enthralling state will provide you with a plethora of things to see and do to make your vacation one remember.

4. Tripura

Tripura is a famous tourist destination in North-East India, with beautiful landscapes, crystalline waterfalls, astonishing mountains, deep forests, and a healthy seasoning of history and tradition. Tripura, a sparsely populated state at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, has a deep historical heritage; it was once home to the famous Manikya tribe, which resulted in the creation of a plethora of ancient historical edifices and structures throughout the state, all of which attest to Tripura’s rich cultural and traditional past.

5. The state of Assam

Assam, a rich source of natural beauty and unique history, is one of the least explored of India’s Seven Sisters, giving it a pristine, unspoiled aura that will entice you. Assam, in North East India, is a land of wild forests, mighty rivers, and acres and acres of tea plantations. It has spectacular terrain and is known as one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots. Assam, one of India’s most attractive states, serves as a gateway to the country’s stunning and under-explored northeastern region.

6. Manipur

Manipur, India’s treasure city in the north-eastern region, is one of the most gorgeous areas in the country, where Mother Nature has been especially generous with her gifts. Manipur, the state that has been least touched and explored, promises to be a fantastic tourist discovery, as the state’s exotic environment, rolling hills, verdant valleys, blue lakes, and lush forests promise limitless delight. Manipur’s Keibul Lamjao National Park is the world’s only floating national park.

7. Mizoram

The northeastern state of Mizoram dubbed the “Songbird of India,” is one of India’s smallest states. Mizoram’s mild climate, which is pleasant even in the height of summer, makes it a popular tourist destination. The state’s wide culture and magnificent festivals have an alluring charm that can’t be articulated or read; it can only be felt once you’ve visited Mizoram’s tranquil, serene land.

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