The country is known for its great wildlife and immense natural riches, much as it is for its numerous hills and mountains. Not to forget the abundance of beautiful plant and animal life. In India, there are a variety of wildlife preserves worth going to that are famous for its unique range of animal species.

India is home to a diverse range of animal species, including Asiatic lions and red pandas. In reality, each state in the nation has at least one wilderness area that attracts a large number of visitors. While not all of them are well-known, they are all great to visit.

Here are 7 best places to enjoy wildlife in India.

1) Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Andaman

The Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1985, is a one-of-a-kind wildlife park in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was created to preserve elephants, but it is now habitat to deer, monitor lizards and three-striped palm squirrels, among other wildlife. It’s also a fantastic location for bird – watching.

2) Ranthambore National Park – Rajasthan

A wildlife adventure in India’s Ranthambore National Park is among the most exciting attractions. This National Park, which is situated in Rajasthan, was formerly a popular shooting site for the Maharajas. This area, which is now an animal conservation tourist attraction, is best known for its tiger tracks and bird gazing trips.

3) Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary located near the Anamalai Hills in Kerala. Not only does the wilderness region here have a lot of species, but it also contains a lot of medical flowers and unique flora. It’s an excellent location for a jungle safari, a trip, or a trek. Make sure to stop by the Thoovanam Waterfalls, which are situated in the heart of the city.

4) Bannerghatta Biological Park – Karnataka

The Bannerghatta Biological Park is located on the outskirts of Bangalore. A safari, an elephant shelter, a tiger zoo, and a butterfly park are all part of this nature reserve. Who’d have guessed that such a delightful natural pleasure could be found in the heart of a thriving metropolis?

5) Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Gujarat

The Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Refuge is yet another wildlife park recommended in Gujarat. It was founded in 1973 with the goal of preserving and protecting the wild ass species, which is currently extinct.

6) Hemis National Park – Ladakh

Eastern Ladakh is home to this high-altitude nature reserve. Many protected creatures live in the valley, including the snow leopard, red fox, and Tibetan wolf. This park features pine trees and lakes, and it’s nothing less of an adventure in paradise.

7) Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary takes its title from the neighbouring Manas River. UNESCO too has designated it as a World Heritage Site. It not only shelters a diverse range of wildlife species, but it also provides experiences such as river kayaking, jeep safaris, elephant safaris, and more.

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