It’s natural to become enraged or criticize oneself when life takes a drastic turn for something worse.

Self-blame and judgements have a tendency to exacerbate difficulties, so try to prevent them as much as possible. Rather, think about how we all make the best decisions we can with the facts we have at the moment.

So, if things aren’t going your way, attempt to redefine your mentality to see how you may use it to lay a new framework. Allow yourself to take things slowly and cautiously since a strong base will last a lifetime.

Here is how you can deal when darkness covers you.

1) Concentrate on oneself

Think about your physiological, intellectual, and emotional wellbeing. What appears to be in the most desperate need of support right now? First and foremost, concentrate on it. For instance, you could need to concentrate on becoming more self-assured, believing in yourself, or building a spiritual relationship.

2) Alter your everyday routines.

Mindful formation necessitates a complete transformation of your life—literally, the way you operate in the universe. To be a productive creator, you must ultimately change the way you think, communicate, and look at everything, practically the whole bundle, both on a day-to-day basis and in the long run. It takes time to break these behaviours. It’s a methodical procedure. It will also help you maintain what you’ve created.

3) Let go of negative thoughts.

You may be left with behaviours, mental habits, and connections that no longer support you or represent who you want to be after overcoming a traumatic experience. Those who haven’t been welcomed to your new path must be let go. Make a list of how much they affected you, and then use visualisation to let them go.

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