Animals are wonderful for providing you companionship as well as teaching your children about duty and compassion. When bringing little pets home, however, you must choose wisely because they all have various personalities, and some may want to snuggle with you while others want to be kept at a stretch.

With that being said, here are 7 best pets to give your kids as gifts.

1) Birds

Birds make wonderful pets. Every bird demands almost regular maintenance. For children who have never handled birds before, the very affordable bird could be a nice place to begin. Birds such as parrots, lovebirds, and cockatoos are best cared for at home.

2) Cats

Cats are famously individualistic and require less love and attention than dogs, but no less dedication. Cats, like dogs, require routine medical examinations and vaccines. It’s critical to select a cat that is safe to have near youngsters.

3) Dogs

The attachment between a youngster and a puppy is incredibly strong, as evidenced by pet owners all around the globe. Dogs are compassionate and loving pets that can be found both in and out of the house. A dog can encourage your kids to go outside and play more.

4) Fish

Although goldfish appear to be the most sensible move to give as a gift for kids, they are more difficult to raise. Make sure you get your fish from a shop that can provide you with advice on how to take care of them.

5) Hamster

A hamster is a terrific pet if your child is willing to look after it all of the time. The greatest way to keep a hamster busy is to place a hamster wheel in its chamber.

6) Rabbits

Rabbits are exceptionally adorable, fluffy, clever, and playful animals. However, because the rabbit does not like to be treated harshly, they are not recommended for small children. Children aged 9-10 years old, on the other hand, can play with the bunny since they have a basic understanding.

7) Turtle

Turtles are friendly, quiet, and tranquil animals. Because turtles can remain in one posture for lengthy periods of time, children are known to be enthralled by them and have extensive talks with them.

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