Whatever you call them, from kabob to kebab, they are delicious and simple to prepare. Kebabs refers to skewered food that has been roasted or barbecued. The English word ‘kabob’ is taken from a Middle Eastern concept and is popular throughout Asia, particularly India.

Produced by skewering meat and veggies alternately on a skewer and grilling it over an open flame or coal. Kababs can be prepared in a variety of methods, including on the grill, in a tandoor (clay oven), in a pan, or even in the microwave.

1. Kakori Kebabs

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Kakori kebabs are a Lucknow delicacy, and just thinking about them conjures up appetising imagery in one’s mind. This delectable kebab is cooked with premium lamb mince and spices such as coriander, cumin, ginger powder, garam masala, green chilies, and other herbs and spices. The mixture is then rolled into small marble-sized balls and deep-fried in pure desi ghee until golden brown in colour. They’re served hot with chutney or ketchup and garnished with chopped coriander leaves.

2. Kaleji Kebabs

Minced lamb liver cubes are cooked with spices like green chilies, cumin, coriander powder, and red chilli powder to make these kebabs. It’s also topped with sliced onions and chopped coriander leaves. It’s a one-of-a-kind kabab, and it’s probable that some people won’t like it. These kebabs, on the other hand, will be a treat for liver aficionados.

3. Malai Kebab

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These kebabs have their origins in Mughlai cuisine, which is famed for its rich, creamy gravies made with a lot of butter, cream, and milk. These kebabs are produced with a combination of minced chicken, curd or hung yoghurt, and maize flour, then deep-fried in pure ghee till golden brown. It’s then accompanied by onion rings and lemon wedges that have been drenched in butter.

4. Seekh Kebab

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These kebabs, also known as shashlik, are possibly the most popular kebabs in the world, and there’s a reason for it. They’re created with minced meat (beef or lamb) and spices like salt, pepper, chaat masala, and ginger-garlic paste to tenderise it. After that, they’re fashioned into cylindrical pieces that are impaled on bamboo sticks and roasted in tandoors or ovens.

5. Chicken Tikka Kebab

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These kebabs are cooked in a traditional tandoor and get their name from the cooking method, Tikka, which in Urdu means “bits” or “little cubes.” They are impaled on bamboo sticks with minced chicken or fish marinated in spices such as salt, pepper, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli powder, amchur powder, and hanging curd.

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