If you’ve ever had a day at the office where you couldn’t concentrate because your mind was elsewhere then it is not you, it could be due to personal stress, or even work-related stress. While stress is an inevitable aspect of work and personal life, too much of it can harm both performance and motivation.

Here are some easy ways of reducing stress and being happy at work.

1. Breathe in and out slowly.

If you’re feeling stressed or need to refresh your thoughts after a tough session, a few moments of breathing exercises will help you relax. Merely breathe for 10 seconds, pause, and release through the nostrils in equal ratio.

2. Listen to music on your way home.

Music has numerous advantages and can be an efficient way to relax before, throughout, and after work. When you’ve had a hard day, listening to your favourite songs on the way back can help you relax and feel less anxious.

3. Talk it over with a buddy or co-worker.

Take a pause when you’re anxious to phone a friend and discuss your difficulties. Good health necessitates good interactions with friends and family. When you’re under a great deal of stress, they’re very important. Even if it’s only for a moment, a calm voice might help keep things in context. If you have no one with whom you can talk to, try talking to one of your co-workers’.

4. Eat a healthy diet.

Level of stress and a balanced diet go hand in hand. When we’re stressed, we often skip meals and rely on sweet, fatty junk meals to get us through the day. Avoid sugary treats and prepare ahead of time. Fruits and vegetables are always beneficial, and fish has been proven to alleviate psychological stress.

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