Nobody needs or wishes to resemble a dullard. In our push to demonstrate our knowledge to our friends, individuals may point out grammatical errors, lie about having read significant books, expand their employment title or imagine they’re conversant in an unknown dialect. Lamentably, the stunts we use to persuade our companions, dates, colleagues and managers that we’re virtuosos, may not work. Putting on a genuine outward appearance, utilizing huge words and strolling quickly are among the things individuals do with an end goal to appear to be shrewd. Yet, those practices don’t increment others’ view of our insight, as per research. Here are the things that will make you look smarter among the people around you: –

  • Wearing spectacles – Partially blind employment searchers who need to dazzle at their next interview ought to select glasses over contacts. 43 per cent of individuals state wearing glasses makes an individual look smarter. It also puts the impression that you read and research a lot which made you use glasses.
  • Avoid drinking at parties – When people get hammered in a party and suffer from the hangover, they regret choosing the foolish choice instead of the smart choice of avoiding the drinks. Not drinking will make people believe that you are smart enough to care about your health and hence are willing to be the odd man out.
  • Use hand gestures while explaining something – When giving a presentation or an explanation to someone, make sure you use your hands to demonstrate or express your views. It makes everyone understand better and also puts the impression that you know your stuff well enough.
  • Don’t lag behind – If an assignment or project is given to you, make sure to finish is on time. Delaying your work will put a negative impression that you had a hard time completing the assignment. If you wish to look smart, you have to do things smart people will do.
  • Don’t be a book worm – If you show people that everything you know about something is coming from a book lying on your coffee table, that makes you less special for knowing something. While mentioning a fact or any information, at times also resort to showing people that you know it by practical means. Knowing you have experienced something personally will add flavour to what you are saying.