Living in God’s tranquillity is indispensable to appreciating life. We can accept that one of the keys to living with harmony in your life is stepping toward harmony consistently and taking one step each day toward serenity. You cannot possibly make someone life better in mere moments.

Is your friend or a family member always baffled and chaotic all the time or are they experiencing an upsetting time? There is potentially no human on this planet who has not experienced these things. In any case, here are some steps you can follow to make their life more peaceful: –

  • Allow them to breathe – As we saw earlier, you cannot hope to change someone’s mood in a day. Give them some time to breathe and collect their thoughts. Be patient when you approach with help in your hands. They may even resist your help out of ego or pride. If that happens, just give them time to mend and ask them to keep breathing slowly and that you have got their back.
  • Control their mind traffic – The human mind is constantly flowing with different types of thoughts continuously. You can never predict who is thinking what. Your friend going through tough times will most probably be thinking of some negative thoughts. Help them by starting a positive conversation or distract them from obsessive thinking. Don’t allow a negative thought to flow through their minds.
  • Make them self reflect – Once they are out of the blue and comfortable again, help them understand where they went wrong. Explain to them how their chaotic behaviour is affecting them as well as others around them. Do it gently without hurting them.
  • Increasing their focus – The next step is not allowing the past tough times to affect their current situations. Practice yoga with them and meditate together. It is the best way to allow yourself to focus effectively on something.
  • Time to act – Once their mental state is in order, it is now time to take strict measures to improve their situation. Help them to get prepared for the next steps but don’t fight their battles. It will only make them dependent. Tell them what they need to do and how they can improve their situation.
  • Laugh together – You can watch a comedy series or funny videos together or just sit and talk about past happy memories. Whatever you do it is important that you make the end right and happy. While doing all these steps, don’t forget to laugh together and make happy memories to remember in future.