1. The Photographers

These are the kind of travellers who photographically travel through time and space throughout the year, taking panoramic and mind-blogging photographs. They go on adventures to photograph natural beauty and share it on Instagram to create wonderful stories. Some of the top places on their list are Canada, Switzerland, Chile, and Morocco.

2. The Tech-Savvy Travelers

Travellers seeking new destinations to satisfy their need to take images with a new HDR camera or try out new travel tech gadgets. They don’t have a precise destination in mind because they prefer all areas that look good in their new tech gear.

3. The Vacationers

These are vacationers that visit popular vacation spots for a normal resort vacation. From sun-seeking European resorts in prominent Mediterranean nations such as Greece, Italy, and Spain to skiing holidays in Switzerland and France. Throughout the year, these sites remain a popular choice for vacationers.

4. The Effective Planner

They travel with meticulous planning and adhere to strict routines. They enjoy travelling to any location as long as it is done in a planned manner.

5. Backpackers and adventurers

Backpackers are the type of tourists that enjoy visiting new places and prefer independent travel on a tight budget. Adventure travellers, on the other hand, enjoy taking journeys and vacations to natural settings or distant regions to engage in active physical activities and see new things.

6. The Party Attendant

These are the travellers that love to travel just for the sake of having a good time and having a good time. Bars and clubs are their favorite hangout spots. Some of the best places for them to visit are Goa, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and Las Vegas.

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