Human Resources (HR)

Working in Human Resources (HR) entails assisting with matters concerning employees, such as recruitment, payroll, employment policies, and benefits. HR can also act as a liaison between employees and managers to discuss issues and explain information such as sick pay, employment policies, and maternity leave.

Marketing and advertising

The advertising industry is notorious for being fiercely competitive – but then, what sector isn’t? Don’t be put off by this. There’s no reason you can’t succeed in advertising if you have imagination, dedication, and a great degree. Marketing and advertising occupations come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Investment banking

Your work as an investment banker is to offer a variety of financial services to businesses, governments, organisations, and individuals. Investment bankers have strong numerical and analytical skills, as well as the ability to manage projects and perform under pressure.

Management consultancy

Management consultants advise businesses on how to put strategic decisions into action. A firm, the government, or a public sector institution could be your client. You’ll need to be organised, detail-oriented, and have great communication skills for this job, which you’ll hopefully master as part of your degree.


If you want to be a teacher, you’ll need to do a postgraduate teacher training course. Confidence, patience, good communication skills, organisation, and creativity are all necessary qualities for being a teacher. Teaching is well-known for its high job satisfaction and generous vacation benefits.

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