1. Make a better impression by going first or last.

When you travel in a group to meet someone to discuss a significant issue, you either meet them first or last. Try to talk about that subject first. Otherwise, go meet that individual last. If you shake someone’s hand, for instance, decide whether to do it first or last. The serial position effect is what is meant by this.

2. Do a good deed to win a good deed
Make sure you first do someone a favor if you want them to do something for you. If your friend can aid you, ask for their assistance first. The reciprocity effect is what we refer to as.

3. Prioritize individuals while requesting a group of people for assistance.
When you approach the group for assistance, start by focusing on the individuals. For instance, if you need to borrow money, ask individual people rather than a group. Then pick a person that is willing to offer you assistance right away. It’s known as the “Bystander Effect.”

4. How to discover a person’s true preferences
There are numerous methods for discovering someone’s true identity. Consider the effectiveness of mirroring. You may be able to tell that someone likes you if you meet someone who behaves just as you do. The term for this is the Power of Mirroring.

5. Only looking to win a debate
Speaking quickly is a good idea when you’re in a heated disagreement. You might prevail in the debate if you talk quickly about the benefits and drawbacks of the subjects you raise. If you speak quickly, your chances of winning the debate increase to 90%.

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