All the ladies enjoy wearing a sari, but there is always a contest among them regarding who can make the best blouse. If you want to take your sari style to the next step, a beautiful blouse pattern is the way to go. The blouse back patterns are more crucial than the frontal section since the whole back half is plainly visible, and the more appealing it is, the more dazzling your sari will appear.

Here are 5 best neck blouse designs.

1. Backless blouse with diamonds and pearls

This is a saree and lehenga blouse for formal events. The blouse is designed in the style of a gala event, with pearls, gemstones, and big crystals. The blouse is exquisitely crafted and is the ideal complement to your fashionable attire.

2. Buttoned blouses

The button blouse is one of the most basic yet beautiful blouse patterns. Everybody appears to be in adoration with this pattern lately, from celebrities to fashionistas. There are several methods for reattaching the button to your blouse. You can either arrange them in a line from high to low or arrange them at a range. Button blouse back patterns are most commonly seen in silky or net materials.

3. Blouses with Pom Poms on the back.

Attractive backside pom pom blouse designs can be attached to the rear threads. To add a splash of colour to a basic blouse, use a colourful pom pom, and for heavier fit blouses, use a neutral colour pom pom. The pom pom styles are ubiquitous nowadays, so why not include them into your saree appearance as well?

4. Back blouse embellishment with a bow design.

Do you want to spice up your saree style for the festive season? Simply add a charming bow feature to the back of the blouse, and your blouse will be the centre of attention. Putting a bow to your saree blouse, whether it’s a basic or a hefty Silk saree this bow design, will be your fashion statement.

5. Open back with a curved shape and decorative elements.

Another popular saree blouse pattern this festive season is one with a round back design and decorations all over. This is generally paired with a front-closed neckline. This style appears to be quite attractive and trendy, and you should certainly try it out!

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