Lightning is a common occurrence during the rainy season. Because of this, when you see those gloomy clouds or hear the rumble of approaching thunder, you need to know where to be and where not to be.

Some of the worst locations to be during a thunderstorm are listed below:

1. Near a Tree

4 thunder stealing places one should avoid visiting 3

It might be tempting to shelter beneath the first large object you come across when you’re caught outside during a rainstorm. When we are hidden, we feel safer. But it’s a bad idea to hide out under a big, lone tree. Lightning can strike a tree and flash right at you. Additionally, once a bolt makes contact, you stand the considerable risk of being struck by a falling branch.

2. On a Golf Course

4 thunder stealing places one should avoid visiting 2

The spacious, open areas of a golf course are what make it beautiful. Lightning, however, is just as captivated by a golf course’s attractions. A lonely field with few people wielding lifted metal clubs? If you hear the first thunderclaps while playing golf, get indoors as soon as possible. The shelters on golf courses are not safe places to wait out a storm since they are designed to protect from rain and sun, not lightning.

3. In Your Yard

4 thunder stealing places one should avoid visiting 1

In terms of lightning safety, being at home differs from being in your house. Each year, individuals are killed by lightning strikes in their own yards.

4. In a Wide Open

4 thunder stealing places one should avoid visiting

These are just a handful of the things that people were doing when they were killed by lightning. These fatalities all happened in open fields. Some individuals were working on farms, while others were having fun. Sadly, lightning-related fatalities on soccer fields are not rare.

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