Christmas cake has its origins in plum porridge, an English custom. On Christmas Evening, many ate the porridge to fill their tummies after a day of fasting. The porridge was soon enriched with dried fruit, seasonings, and honey, and it was transformed into Christmas dessert.

It is both simple and enjoyable to make your personal Christmas cake. With its basic yet eye-catching Christmas adornment, this five-ingredient choice makes a fantastic present. Christmas cakes are a terrific concept for a Christmas gift, and it’s something you can do each year to add a personalized feel for folks you care about. You might include the cake in a gift basket.

Preparing a Christmas cake is a great opportunity to get the kids involved in the kitchen or spend time with other close relatives.

If you are looking to try out some Christmas cake this Christmas then here are two delicious cakes which are simple and easy to bake.

1. Coffee and Walnut Cake

If you enjoy coffee, here’s a fantastic cake idea to help you take your passion to the next step. Each piece of this soft and airy coffee cake will make you feel as if you’re in heaven. So, try this quick and easy Coffee Walnut Cake that you can whip up with just a few components and impress your family members with.

2. Fruit cake

Fruit cake is a delectable dessert that is simple to prepare at home. With a blend of fruits and shredded carrots, this version is a fantastic winter delight. It is delicious in flavor and can be offered during family gatherings, birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The cake is made much more delicious by the inclusion of assorted dried fruits and nuts.

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