Women always want the men in their lives to accept and adore them for exactly who they are, flaws and all, and sometimes insane ways. Men are the same way, so keep that in mind. They only desire to be accepted and valued for who they truly are.

1. Don’t make changes to him.

We all know that we can’t really alter a man, as annoying as that may occasionally be. While we can demand changes, only their desire for change will result in meaningful change. When he senses that she embraces him for who he is, a guy will fully accept a woman.

2. He does not need to share your interests.

It won’t always be fun for the two of you to do the same things. Although you would probably never enjoy it, he might enjoy playing paintball with the boys. Then you get to enjoy painting courses, which makes him uncomfortable to even consider.

3. Avoid requesting that he give up his interests.

Most men are passionate about something. For instance, they could enjoy tearing automobiles apart and rebuilding them. Without it, individuals could feel lost because it’s a crucial component of their identity. Never demand that the man you love give up something like that or make him feel bad about it in order to get him to spend more time with you.

4. Avoid putting pressure on him to look after you.

Of course you want a man who will put you first, protect you, and look out for you. Everyone wants that. Sometimes we get into this mentality where we want males to satisfy all of our needs.

5. Rely on him.

We are quite perceptive beings, and we can sense when something is off. But occasionally we have a tendency to go a bit crazy and invent scenarios in our heads based on something as little as a benign text message from a female coworker. Without a strong foundation of trust to build on, what kind of relationship do you truly have?

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