· Improves your bond

When you read books to your children it helps you spend more quality time with them. It’s the time when you teach your children good values and ethics of life. It helps your child to have conversations with you. Books will definitely create questions in their mind and when you answer those questions. It makes them feel that they can ask their parents any questions and they trust that you won’t lie. This improves your bond with them.

· Improves their imagination skills

Reading fantasy books or even normal fables improves their imagination skills. Nowadays children are shown videos on YouTube. Videos block their imagination power. They believe what they see, hence they lack creativity in them. Books not only improve their imagination power but also lets them understand the difference between truth and fantasy. It improves their creativity as well as knowledge.

· Creates love for books

A good reader becomes a good leader. It’s important to develop a habit of reading books not only from an education point of view but in general the one reads is always a knowledgeable person. People who read books are confident when they speak, which makes them a good leader. Your little investment now in reading books for them is going to be very beneficial in later years for them as well as you do not have to worry about your children’s studies.

· Improves attention span

Reading books to your child will improve their attention span. Read stories to them, read general knowledge books for them. Anything that attracts attention should be read to them. It will improve their attention span which will be very beneficial in years to come.

· Help them behave maturely

Books improve your children’s language, they improve their speaking skills, books also improve their knowledge and books teach them the difference between right and wrong. They begin to understand the world better in the very young age which makes them mature faster as compared to other kids.

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