Stressing a little about something can be good at times as it can push us to get the job done. However, we find it hard to deal with stress properly at times. Exams are one of the major causes behind stress among all the students. Even the student who is smart and studious faces exam stress and may panic to see a difficult question paper. It is understandable since many people have great expectations for us and the pressure of performing well is just too much. To add to this, we have to worry about the growing competition around us and the scarcity of jobs which makes it almost compulsory to score well in the exams. Here are some tips that will help you handle the exam pressure well and score well: –

  • Eat well, sleep well, exercise well – Spending restless nights, poor eating habits and a minimal amount of exercising can increase your levels of anxiety. Spending maximum time with your books is understandable for great results but your overall performance also depends on your good physical and mental condition.
  • Make a time table – Most students just do everything according to their instincts and depend on improvisation. What they fail to understand is they create a risk of having to waste their valuable time while doing so. If you don’t eat when you should, you will at a time which is probably best for studying. Hence you should make a schedule for everyday movements and tasks you have to do according to your situation. Try to assign time for studying at a time in the day when you have minimal disturbance around you.
  • Set your goals with a time limit – If you already have a perfect time-table that you strictly follow every day, you can also set checkpoints or targets to be accomplished in a particular amount of time. Aim to finish a chapter or a topic a day. Give more time to finish difficult lessons or subjects and work hard to achieve your set targets.
  • Give up social media or other distractions – You probably are already getting enough warnings from your parents to keep your mobile away so that you don’t get distracted. Uninstall all the social apps and games. The last thing you need with exams over your head is to get distracted or addicted to your mobile. Take a leave from your computer games and favourite TV shows at least until your exams are over.
  • Believe in your efforts – It is common among students to have low self-esteem and confidence about clearing the exams with flying colours. Some just get depressed over the thought of scoring low even when they work hard to get good results. Have faith in you, your teachers and your efforts. You have worked hard all year and passed many exams and this exam is just another of those.
  • Take help – You always have teachers and mentors at school who are always willing to help their students. All you have to do is approach them with your problem. If the pressure on you is too much to handle, talk to your parents about it and take immediate expert help. Some things are just out of reach and the best way to deal with it is to take professional help. There is no shame in seeing a shrink for your