Seducing someone always doesn’t have to be with your actions, many times your words can also seduce a person. If you want to seduce a man with your words then there are several ways you can seduce him.

Here are the ways to seduce a man with words

1. Flirting

Remember that there just aren’t any magical sayings or pick-up lines that are going to provoke a man to fall head over heels in love with you, but all you can do is try to be playful and slightly sensual with them.

2. Give sincere compliments

Sometimes you may think that men are not really interested in listening to complaints about how they look, but that’s not true, they do love compliments.

No matter what you do or what you say, make sure you are complimenting him with the truth. If he feels you are just attempting to pump him up, then he may not like it, and you might get yourself end up in a embarrassing situation.

3. Don’t be afraid to play with your words

Yes, everyone seems to like words of praise but when you are trying to seduce a man with words, you might want to play with your words while talking or praising him. But do it only if you are confident enough about it.

4. Limit how much you talk about your troubles and frustrations

It’s vital to be yourself and speak from your true self but it’s also crucial that you don’t put all your problems on a guy. Telling him something you’re frustrated or feeling sad about is fine and can be part of creating a deeper relationship.

But letting him become your go-to for expressing problems and frustrations of your life is going to eventually lessen his attraction to you.

5. Master the art of verbal seduction

Verbal seduction appears naturally to some people. But for some of us, it’s something we need to learn. You can learn it from your friends or read articles related to it. Verbal seduction is mainly not about what you say, but it is about how you say it.

Try to say in a tone that a man would love to hear.

6. You have to be yourself and confident

Several people attempt to be someone else when they seduce. You’re not yourself which implies you hide insecurity. So leave aside being like someone else and embrace your faults. Be your true self when you speak.

You are expected to own yourself when you walk into a room. Men are highly fascinated by confident women. If you emit confidence, it’ll be a lot easier to seduce a man. So show some confidence when you speak.

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