If you are planning to date a DJ girl you recently met, then you need to consider a few points before going on a date so as not to blow her away.

1. Do not get jealous

Guys are going to throw themselves at her, so do not get jealous, instead be proud of your girl and show her off. But don’t brag.

If you get jealous, you are probably going to freak her out. Rather laugh and sympathize about the creepy messages and comments she’s going to get on her social media handles.

2. Be supportive and honest

The artists and DJs are pushed further than they want to go by the music industry. So be supportive. Give her a reality check from time and again when you feel she is being talked into something she doesn’t want to do. Be honest about your feelings with everything that goes on, so that she knows you are okay with it. Ensure that the situation is all about you.

3. Be sure of what you want

Before you get into a serious relationship with a DJ girl, know what you are getting yourself into. If you are very conservative with clothing, magazine appearance, lyrical content, drugs and alcohol then you need to reconsider getting serious with a girl.

4. Don’t turn into a fan

A girl appreciates privacy and your consideration so do not leak the details of your relationship without her consent. Even if you can fly across the globe anytime, do not go to her shows.

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