Pregnancy is full of memorable moments which starts with the positive pregnancy test.

Here are the important moments to know during pregnancy.

First trimester

1. Telling your partner about the pregnancy

It is fun to expose the pregnancy results to the dad-to-be in a special way.

2. The first prenatal visit

The first prenatal visit is important to ensure that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

3. See the baby on an ultrasound

Another important moment of pregnancy is seeing your baby on an ultrasound.

4. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat

One of the beautiful things about pregnancy is hearing your baby’s heartbeat. It is the most reassuring sound that you’ll always remember.

Second Trimester

1. Making the announcement

There are some parents who like to keep their pregnancy a secret until the second trimester and just confide in their parents. After the second trimester, they start spreading out the news.

2. Feeling your baby move

Feeling your baby kick is one of the important moments of pregnancy. The small flutter or the nudge the mother feels from inside is unforgettable.

3. Choosing a name

Whether you find out the gender of the baby or not, you are likely going to pick out all the names you want your future offspring to bear.

4. End of second trimester

This comes with a lot of excitement as it includes baby showers, birth plans and more.

Third Trimester

1. Due date

Due date is just a hunch of when your baby is ready to get out because many women don’t give birth on the set due date. The countdown is thrilling.

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