In a world where competition is increasing, and employment is decreasing, it is important to be confident in chasing your dreams. Confidence is a key to many doors, from getting a job to cracking a big deal. You should be confident not only with your knowledge but also with your body language. Here are body language signs that you are confident.

1) Eye Contact: Whenever you talk with someone, don’t look down or here and there; rather, talk straight, looking into the other person’s eyes. This will show your confidence, and you will also be able to understand whether the other person understands you or not.

2) Chin Up: Most people look dull while communicating, which is a sign of underconfident people. So always keep your chin up and talk straight in the face. Also, this shows your thoughts and energy.

3) Lean Forward: Maintaining distance while talking is important, but you can also show your interest by nodding and leaning forward.

4) Stand Up Straight: One should never stand dull; this is a negative signal. Keep your back straight and shoulder calm, and stand straight. This shows your confidence and positive attitude.

5) Shivering: This is a major sign of weak and underconfident people. So try to overcome this habit, or else people may take it as a negative sign that may affect your career.

6) Hands: Rather than putting your hands in pockets, you can fold them or just leave them free. Placing your hands in your pockets is bad behavior.