Experiencing a separation or divorce, regardless of the cause, maybe a very terrible experience. It has the power to completely transform your life, making it difficult to get through the day and remain productive. There are, however, a number of things you can do to assist you in navigating this challenging change.

Recognize that having a wide range of emotions is perfectly normal.

Angry, sad, tired, irritated, and befuddled sensations are common, and they can be powerful. You can be concerned about the future as well. Accept the fact that such reactions will fade with time. Stepping into the unknown, even if the marriage was a disaster, is daunting.

Take a deep breath and relax.

Allow yourself to feel and function in a less-than-ideal way for a while. You might not be able to be as productive at work or provide the same level of attention to others as you are used to for a while. No one is superman or supergirl, so take some time to heal, regroup, and re-energize.

Don’t try to get through this on your own.

Sharing your feelings with friends and family will help you get through this trying period. Attend a support group where you can talk to others who have gone through similar situations. Isolation can increase stress, reduce concentration, and disrupt work, relationships, and overall health. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Take care of yourself emotionally and physically.

Take good care of your body and yourself. Make time to exercise, consume a healthy diet, and relax. Keep as much of your everyday routine as you can. Make every effort to avoid making major life decisions or alterations. As a coping method, using alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes can only lead to further problems.

Power conflicts and fights with your relationship or ex-partner should be avoided.

If a disagreement turns into a squabble, politely suggest that you both try discussing again later and walk away or hang up the phone. Take the time to investigate your passions.

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