Most friendships have ended due to severe concerns with relationships. For example, if you have a friend who dislikes your partner, it will be difficult for your friend to visit or spend time with you. This is because he/she finds it extremely unpleasant to be around you when your partner is present. Furthermore, if you discover that your best friend is cheating or has a connection with your girl/boyfriend, your friendship might quickly be shattered.


Friends are always willing to lend a helping hand when we need it. As a result, borrowing money from a buddy when you need it and they can supply is not uncommon. In most cases, when borrowing money from a friend, one always promises to pay it back as soon as they can. This isn’t always the case, as some friends might take advantage of their connection by putting off repaying the money they borrowed. Worse yet, some people do not repay the money in full.


The competition was commonplace when you were a kid, and it was enjoyable for all parties. However, since imitation is the highest form of flattery, there are some things you don’t want your friend to know about or have access to. You don’t want him/her to have the same style as you, especially if they are prettier; you don’t want him/her to attend a higher university than you; you don’t want him/her to acquire a better paying job than you; and in some circumstances, you don’t want him/her to marry or get married before you. When you can’t comprehend each other or embrace each other’s uniqueness, selfishness will eventually end your friendship.

Leaking Secret

Are you a confidante who can keep your best friend’s secrets safe? If you care about your friendship, you should also care about their secrets. There are some secrets that only you and your best friend know about, not even their family or the people they’re dating. They do it because they trust you, and they don’t expect you to distribute the information far and wide. In any case, if such secrets are revealed, your friendship will almost certainly come to an end. They won’t be able to trust you anymore, and they’ll feel deceived.

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