Cancer women are warm, loving, emotional, and affectionate people. So if you are planning to date a Cancer woman then here are some tips for you.

1. Choose an intimate setting

Cancer women like intimate settings for a good date rather than a rowdy bar. Make sure to select an intimate place for a date where you can have deep conversations.

2. Make the first move during dates

Cancer women are not the ones to make the first move, so you have to step up with it. If you know she is interested in you, brush your hand against her, touch her arm or lean for a kiss.

3. Display genuine romantic gestures

Cancer women prefer sincerity in their partners rather than materialistic possessions or careers. Impress her with something personal and sweet instead of an expensive date. Take her out on an intimate picnic lunch in a park or some meaningful location.

4. Be direct and sincere

Cancer women are drawn to guys who are sincere and loving by nature just like them. If you want this woman, then you need to be honest about your feelings and what you think.

Let her know about your expectations from the relationship. This zodiac sign woman appreciated sincerity.

5. Accept frequently mood swings

With respect to emotions, a cancer woman is more volatile. She is usually in a sour mood in the morning and therefore it is important to deal with her emotions accordingly. If you want to date a cancer woman then you need to be supportive and understanding.

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