Try to get a babysitter relative

If your baby is suffering from separation anxiety, you can facilitate the transition by leaving the babysitter relative to another caregiver. This can be an uncle, aunt, or even a grandparent, so your baby is in the hands of someone they already know and are comfortable with.

Give a stuffed animal blanket

It is common to stick to certain blankets or stuffed animals that your baby has. This could be a very safe and portable item wherever they go. Therefore, if you need to leave him with a babysitter, giving the baby a stuffed animal / blanket before leaving is a great way to deal with his separation anxiety. Play


Another great game that parents can play with their baby to help with separation anxiety is Peekaboo. Peekaboo is an icon that parents have been playing with their babies for generations. This game helps babies enjoy the stupidity of covering their faces and then revealing it. If you leave your baby with a babysitter, have the babysitter play this game with you so that you can be distracted as soon as you get out of the door. If you have to leave your baby, your child can feel more comfortable when you leave.

Do not obey if you leave

When dealing with a baby with separation anxiety, the rule that all parents must obey is not to walk in the room or return home when leaving. You must trust that the babysitter taking care of your baby can handle the situation. Or, if you’re suffering from separation anxiety just by entering another room, you need to get them to scream it and start learning to calm yourself. When your partner goes back and starts checking him, your baby will find that you will do this every time he is upset.

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