Lack of Physical Activity

I’ve heard about the importance of exercise for physical health, but you may not know that it also affects your mental health. Endorphins released during physical activity help prevent the onset of anxiety. They can also help release the tension that has already begun.

Social Media

Social media aims to be relaxing and enjoyable, but it can cause serious anxiety problems. Studies show that the longer people spend looking at the screen during the day, the worse their anxiety symptoms are. Social media leads to unfavorable comparisons with others, leading to anxiety and reduced self-esteem.


The clutter around the house seems to be just a personal preference. But that’s not the case, as it can cause your anxiety. It makes it impossible to relax and concentrate, causing overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol. Imagine living in a messy house that constantly disappoints and exhausts you.


When it’s hot outside, you may be scared. This is due to increased breathing and heart rate. If you return enough, your respiratory and heart rate may continue to increase, causing a panic attack. The heat can also dehydrate you, drain it, and prevent you from concentrating. All of this can also cause anxiety.

Too much caffeine

Another cup of coffee may sound like a wonderful idea, but it can cause your anxiety. It makes you quiver, quiver, and you will soon notice other symptoms of anxiety. Too much caffeine can start a reaction to fight or escape.

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