Reduced Productivity

Many studies have shown that when temperatures reach 27 degrees Celsius or higher, the temperature reduces production activity by 4% per degree. This has a dramatic impact on employee performance and makes it difficult to complete basic tasks. In fact, the vast majority of workers will find time to cool off by buying milkshakes, taking breaks, and going to the bathroom. This can adversely affect the company’s manufacturing activities. If environmental factors such as temperature affect workers, it can be more difficult to manage them, so it is best to deploy highly automated settings to avoid production delays.

Increased spoilage of working materials

When dealing with the food business, it is important to consider the temperature of the raw materials. Increasing the temperature also increases the risk of damaging the material. For example, proteins such as meat and dairy products probably need to be stored at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius. Corruption of these materials causes significant financial loss and even illness when provided and used. Changing these spoiled ingredients is better than paying a hospital fee, but both options are still a negative effect on temperature.

Increasing employee absenteeism

Completing a task can already be tiring, and working in a hot environment increases the risk of absenteeism. Most of the surveys conducted showed that employees were unwilling to go to work because of the high fever. A decrease in the labor force also means a decrease in production. These workers do not receive the wages of the day, but they still have a significant impact on the number of products manufactured.


There are many studies done on workers working in cold environments. Many of them have shown that employees are more likely to make mistakes when it’s cold. This is because the body uses more energy to convert heat and keep the body warm. Employees have become distracted by their work and are now focusing on insulation. Low temperatures have also been shown to affect employee behavior. They act cooler and can be seen not looking polite.

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