Teenagers undergo many changes during this period of their lives. Their body changes as well as they grow mentally. At this stage of life, parents should be very careful about what they say to their children as the growing teen takes the adult’s word seriously. At this stage, the brain works in the negative direction, and they think of all the possible wrong things to happen to them. And this might make them take any wrong steps. Here are a few things you should avoid saying to the growing teen.

1) This is my house

Sometimes in anger, you might say, this is my house. This small sentence makes the teen feel that they don’t belong here, and so they should not be here. A house you live in belongs to everyone, even the children. So avoid saying this.

2) Because I said so

If a teenager asks Why? You should never show your attitude and say because I said so. Sit with them and try to explain to them in detail the reason behind it. Or your kid will act the same way in some time.

3) You can’t have it all

In life, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but why make your child think that they can’t achieve what they want? Hearing this from their parents breaks their confidence and makes them dull.

4) You are not allowed to do this

Hearing this makes the teens more curious, and they want to go against you. That is why you should make them understand why certain things are not good for them and why they should avoid doing them.

In conclusion, you should try to be as positive and good as you can with your growing kid.