Life is a race where you have to chase yourself and not others. You have your pitch to show your performance and get better every day. While it is not an easy process, regular try and dedication will keep you going and growing. Though it may sometimes seems impossible but you can always choose to be better with time. Learning is the only permanent and beneficial thing for a human. Adopting these behaviours in life will help you grow.

1) Be An Open-Minded Person: There are different kinds of people with different opinions and mindsets. You should be free-minded to consider new ideas, perspectives and opinions even though they don’t match with you.

2) Be Compassionate: You should be grounded. Take care of the people around you, and you are more likely to help those who need it.

3) Resilient: You can bounce back even after failing for thousands. The difficulties and problems don’t stop you from achieving what you wish.

4) Forgiving: This will help you keep moving forward in life. You don’t hold grudges and are more likely to understand people’s mistakes and shortcomings.

5) Be Confident: Things seem easier when you believe in yourself. You don’t afraid to take risks and grow as a person.

6) Accept Yourself: When you accept the way you are, the world will accept you no matter how different you are. You will feel more confident and motivated.

7) Grateful: Be always grateful for the good things happening in your life and try to learn the lessons bad time wants to teach you.