Being in a relationship with someone you love is one of the best feelings in the world. It makes you feel happy and good about yourself. Many people who are relationship want that their bond should never fade away. Unfortunately, there comes a time when one of the partners starts to feel detached. In such times, the person who no longer feels affectionate tries to hide as much as they can, but you can understand when your partner lost interest through monitoring these signs.

Lack Of Communication: It’s an important and key thing in a relationship. You might get busy with your work that never comes as an excuse to talk to the person you love the most. So take this as an initial sign.

Pointing Out Weaknesses: Everyone has weaknesses; when you love someone, their flaws don’t matter to you. So when your partner starts to point out your flaws and shortcoming, it’s a sign that distance is increasing in your relationship.

Don’t Want Intimacy: It’s a big sign when your partner loose interest; they don’t feel the urge to get intimate with you. And you should understand this sign.

Secrets: It’s a sign when your partner starts hiding things from you. They avoid sharing important and future plans with you. They try to ignore such topics whenever you try to initiate.

No Discussion: The generic discussion about anything has stopped now. No debate, conversation, or small talk takes place between the two.